Sustainability, one bottle at a time

Milkman Bethnal Green 1952Update on August 15, 2018 from discount to gift card.

When I was a kid, 94% of milk was in glass bottles. Today? 3%.

Growing up in the 1970s Europe, we all knew the milkman. Once a week, André would come by to deliver locally-produced milk and pick up the glass bottles we’d emptied the week before.

But beyond delivering milk, he helped make our neighborhood feel like a real community. This nostalgic fondness for the milkman is shared by people around the world and partially explains why the milkman has seen a recent resurgence.

The world now produces almost 300 million tons of plastic every year. Almost half of all that plastic is for a single-use product. That means that 150 million tons of plastic will be used once and then discarded.

We heard you.

At Tulura, half our orders are from happy, repeat clients. And a lot have been asking for a solution to the single-use packaging problem in the skincare industry.

So, we took a little inspiration from my milkman and are happy to introduce our Refill Program, a community-driven, environmentally-conscious initiative.

Return or drop-off your bottle and get a $10 gift card. If the bottle is in good shape, we sanitize and reuse it in our next production. If it isn’t reusable, we send it to our recycling partners.



We believe in protecting and preserving the nature that inspires our products and hope you’ll join our community in this new effort to Return, Refill, and Rejoice.

Love from New York,
Eileen and Fred