Why you should be using an oil-based cleanser

A lot of my clients struggle with oily or combination skin, which regularly alternates between too oily and too dry. And I think these are issues that will feel familiar to most women out there.

My first recommendation to these clients is that they should use a natural, oil-based cleanser. Considering oil is the issue they came to see me about, some of them are a little skeptical at first.

My clients get more comfortable with the idea after I explain that most traditional cleansers strip it of all natural oils, including your acid mantle layer. That delicate layer is there to protect your skin. When this is stripped off, we run into issues. Our skin isn’t meant to be totally dry, and will actually begin over-producing oil to compensate for this.

Naturally clean, healthy and moisturized

Oil cleansers can clean your face without causing this damage to your skin's natural barrier because oil helps to break down the congestion in the pores. When massaged into the skin, an oil cleanser can bind to excess oil and congestion and remove them as it's washed away. The Tulura Revealing Botanical Oil Cleanser will leave your skin feeling naturally clean, healthy and moisturized. We stand by it.

Plus, additional ingredients in the cleansers can treat a wide range of skin conditions.

For example, in our own natural Revealing Botanical Oil Cleanser, we incorporated:

  • Salicylic Acid to treat blackheads, whiteheads, and lingering breakouts under the surface of the skin by breaking down keratin plugs in the pores, while also reducing inflammation for existing spots
  • Tea Tree Oil to clean away bacteria on the skin, manage active breakouts, and reduce severity and risk of scarring
  • Hemp Seed Oil to moisturize and help combat the effects of aging

At this point, most of my clients are excited to try a new, oil-based cleansing routine. The only last thing to know is that the cleansing process with one is a little different.

How to use it?

  1. Apply to dry skin
    Before adding water or another cleansing agent.
  2. Massage into the skin with light, circular motions
    In this step, you can use it to remove makeup as well as cleanse the skin.
  3. Remove by rinsing face with water or with a warm, wet washcloth
    Enjoy how happy, refreshed and healthy your skin feels!

You can find more information about our all-natural, oil cleanser and its ingredients here. If you have any questions about the cleanser or our other products, reach out to us any time.