Good Enough To Eat!

The Recipe for Happier, Healthier Skin

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What goes on your body matters just as much as what goes into it. It’s time to ask… Are you feeding your skin junk food? 😱

By Eileen — Founder Tulura

  1    Beware of killer filler

The majority of products on the market today are packed with synthetic ingredients such as parabens, fragrances and phthalates. Used to lower production costs and extend shelf life, these artificial additives have known links to a wide range of serious health issues.

  2    Keep it clean, keep it green

These inorganic preservatives are also very slow to biodegrade, which means that from production, through use, through disposal and beyond—products containing them have a negative impact on not only your personal health, but the health of the environment.

  3    Shop, stop and read

Effective and ethically-sourced alternatives are becoming more widely available, in household cleansers, soaps, detergents and especially skin care. Look for words like “vegan”, “cold-pressed” or “unprocessed” when choosing your products to ensure that what’s inside is truly organic and optimized for the health of your skin.

  4    Nourish with nature

Avoid harmful additives by switching to products that use the healing properties of essential oils, vitamins, acids and extracts derived from things like fruits, nuts, seeds, barks, sugars and grains, etc. These are organic, functional ingredients that work with your body’s natural chemistry.

Eileen Tulura Hands Massage

My clients see results after just a few weeks.

My clients often tell me they are frustrated with their lotion, but don’t know why. I tell them it’s because so many contain synthetic and wax emulsifiers that sit on top of your skin and don’t absorb to give it the nourishment and nurturing it craves.

The answer is in the nature. 

At Tulura we formulated our products with naturally sourced, high-quality, 100% functional ingredients. No weird chemicals. No artificial fragrances. No animal testing.

— Eileen Feighny della Faille, Founder of Tulura and Licensed Esthetician & Certified Aromatherapist 

Eileen Tulura Founder

“Tulura smells beautiful, it's all natural, and no one is ever allergic to it. The skin drinks it up.”

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