The 5 Biggest Myths About Natural Skincare

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It's a new frontier in the health and wellness landscape. Are you ready for the unblemished truth about natural skincare? 🍃

By Eileen — Founder Tulura

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It's ineffective

It’s a common misconception that, without fortifying synthetic additives, natural skincare products are less potent or effective. The truth is, the majority of commercially available products contain these preservatives out of necessity, because they are diluted with water, reducing their overall efficacy.

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It's dangerous

Fears persist that chemical preservatives are necessary to prevent bacterial growth. In reality, those preservatives are only needed in water-based products, like those most commonly available on the market. Oil-based organic formulations are 100% safe without chemical stabilizers.

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It's complicated

Some people assume that all natural skincare regimens are needlessly complex. Using such basic ingredients must mean meticulous rules and a complicated application process, right? Not so. With just a handful of the right products you can look and feel your best in less than 10 minutes a day.

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It's just a fad

As with any emerging industry, some might suspect that natural skincare is just a fleeting trend with no science to back up its claims. But things like herbs, salts, berries, honey and essential oils have been used throughout human history as cleansers, sun protection, insect repellant and yes, to promote healthier skin.

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It's a cure-all

Using natural products is only one (very important) step to achieving long-term health benefits for your skin. Always be mindful that diet, exercise, medications, sleeping patterns and hydration levels all play a role in our overall personal wellness and the success of any skincare routine.

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My clients see results after just a few weeks.

My clients often tell me they are frustrated with their lotion, but don’t know why. I tell them it’s because so many contain synthetic and wax emulsifiers that sit on top of your skin and don’t absorb to give it the nourishment and nurturing it craves.

The answer is in the nature. 

At Tulura we formulated our products with naturally sourced, high-quality, 100% functional ingredients. No weird chemicals. No artificial fragrances. No animal testing.

— Eileen Feighny della Faille, Founder of Tulura and Licensed Esthetician & Certified Aromatherapist 

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“Tulura smells beautiful, it's all natural, and no one is ever allergic to it. The skin drinks it up.”

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