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5 Tips To Prep Your Skin For Makeup

Nourishing and nurturing skincare is a daily practice. It’s also an essential foundation to a makeup regimen that promotes the flawless look, feel and health of your skin that can be achieved in just five minutes a day.

Eileen Tulura

Eileen — Founder Tulura

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First things first

Clean brushes are an artist’s best friend. The same holds true for your makeup routine. Old applicators and sponges harbor dirt and other pollutants over time, which can irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Make sure that the implements you’re using (including your hands!) are pristine.

A balancing act

Thoroughly hydrated skin is fundamental to the application process. Start with a vitamin-rich hydrator and follow with an all-natural botanical oil to lock in those nutrients. Choose formulations that are customized to best support your skin’s balance during both cold and warm seasons.

Less is more

The right arsenal of moisturizers and cleansers encourages firmer skin, the reduction of fine lines and fewer dark spots. Choose non-toxic cosmetics with fewer, preferably all-natural, ingredients. Look for makeup products that contain SPF, or finish with an SPF setting spray. Starting with a fresher, brighter complexion means your makeup doesn’t need to do any heavy lifting.

A clean slate

Picking a mild oil-based cleanser formulated with a beta hydroxy acid will effectively remove your makeup, penetrate your pores and lift away any impurities you’ve picked up throughout the day. It’s a deep clean that rinses easily and leaves your skin refreshed, balanced and moisturized.

Rinse and repeat

Taking care of your skin is a daily discipline. Stay faithful to your new routine. Always consider outside factors, from your bed linens to the day’s air quality index.

Armed with the right information, the right products for your skin and consistent everyday habits, you’ll look your best and never look back.

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Eileen Feighny della Faille — Founder of Tulura

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