Everyday Extraordinary

My personal mission to redefine the everyday essentials for your skin.

I was entering the prime of my modeling career when it happened – I developed serious problem skin. For me, it changed everything. I had to cancel bookings and castings. Every skincare product seemed to do nothing or make things worse.

Five years later, the result is Tulura.

Drawing on my life experience in South Korea and Hawaii, I developed a deep interest in natural skin treatments from around the world – and began studying a new craft as an esthetician.

Now I’m on a personal mission to redefine the everyday essentials for your skin – and prove that every day can be extraordinary for everyone.

Thank you,

— Eileen Feighny della Faille, Founder
Licensed Esthetician & Certified Aromatherapist

My values


Tulura uses naturally sourced, high-quality, 100% functional ingredients. No animal testing. No parabens. No fragrances. No synthetic preservatives. We don't use water or thickeners to cheapen, expand or dilute our formulations. We believe in simple, beautiful, reusable design.

Our Ingredients
Our Refill Program


Tulura is a personal mission. We develop our products because we love to use them ourselves. We are an independent company directly connected to a growing community of customers. From our studio in New York, we offer customized facials treatments for our clients.

Our Facial Studio


Every day can be extraordinary. Luxury should be part of life. It exists in nature and is waiting to be discovered. Savor the fragrances. Delight in the textures. Appreciate the beauty. Experience the simple yet extraordinary pleasures that only nature can provide.