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97% would recommend Tulura

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"Worth every penny" Jeannie Mai — Co-Host, THE REAL ★★★★★


A must have

My #1 beauty must have for radiant, hydrated, glowing, even skin. There is nothing on the market that compares or that is crafted with as much care. I will repurchase again and again.

★★★★★ March 8, 2018
Riley K. from New York ✔ Verified Buyer

Completely Healed My Skin

I've only been using the trial set for two weeks, and already my skin has completely changed. I suffer from horrible hormonal acne — especially in the hot summer months. I've tried everything out there, including expensive prescription creams and pricey bi-weekly facials. After using the Tulura duo, I haven't had a single breakout. I've even started to notice my acne scars disappearing. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

★★★★★ June 25, 2018
Morgan L. from New York ✔ Verified Buyer

Simplicity - quality - pure

I like the simplicity of the 2 products.. so much out there.. and this keeps it simple. I have nature skin.. and am tired of needing cabinets of products. I have many allergies that complicates buying complimentary products in a line. Great for morning, evening and travel. So far.. extremely pleased.

★★★★★ May 27, 2018
Michelle G. from Oklahoma ✔ Verified Buyer

The duo you need!

I’ve been trialing the starter set for less than two weeks and already I’m impressed! I have tried countless products looking for something that works for my skin, and this knocked it out of the park. My skin has been unusually dry this winter and the peptide coupled with the botanical oil leaves my skin feeling nourished and healthy. Additionally, as a man, and one with especially sensitive skin, I unfortunately have to shave several times a week to present my best work face and I started applying the products to my neck post and it has virtually eliminated all razor burn. I am beyond pleased and am happy I found a product that has proven to have multiple benefits. Additionally, the packaging is smart and perfectly presented.

★★★★★ Apr 19, 2018
Micheal E. from Brooklyn ✔ Verified Buyer

More than 5 stars!

I love the Tulura facial oil. Skeptical at first when told to use oil on my face but I'm a total convert! Looks 1000% brighter and healthier. Love love love!!!

★★★★★ May 7, 2018
Liana SK. from New York ✔ Verified Buyer

Tulura is a God send

Incredible. I can't believe what a difference the Duo makes and how improved my skin is. Eileen is brilliant!

★★★★★ Apr 18, 2018
Erin B. from New York ✔ Verified Buyer

Perfect Balance

I am so happy that I found Tulura. My friend, another picky consumer as me who has been using Tulura, gave me Tulura combo set as a gift for me to try and explained to me how honest this company is. It is very important for me to choose the honest and smart company, because what i put on my skin soaks right into my body. I have been using the serum and oil for three months. Using both products together give me a great balance of hydration and moistrization. I believe that Tulura is good for my insides and will make me positively radiant on my outsides! Thank you Tulura!

★★★★★ Feb 22, 2018
Sunny L. from San Francisco ✔ Verified Buyer

Love The Duo

The smell. Oh, how I love the smell. I tried a sample of this product (at a friend's recommendation, I entered an IG raffle), and barely used it because I wanted it to last forever. I was balking at the full price of the product, so when I saw the sale, I grabbed it (despite it being "out of season"). I don't care -- I want to smell this on my face all. the. time. Now that I'm actually using the product regularly (twice a day, not because that's the recommendation, but because I love it), I'm actually noticing an improvement in my skin. I'm normally oily, but as it's getting cooler, I often get dry patches. The Duo is giving me the kinda glow that makes me want to take selfies 5x a day. But I don't. Because you cannot smell a selfie. (Allow me to drive this point home: The green oil thing smells *wonderful* -- I don't know how to describe scents, but I can describe feelings. I feel sophisticated, elegant, fresh, and smart for investing in something good for my skin and good for my mood.) I'm excited for the next season of products, because I'm sure I'll love it.

★★★★★ Sep 19, 2017
Lauren H. from Brooklyn ✔ Verified Buyer

Over The Top

Tulura is one of the best products I've had the privilege of applying to my face in years. I am 68 with no wrinkles since using your product. I am a more than satisfied customer. The best!

★★★★★ Apr 25, 2018
Judith from North Carolina ✔ Verified Buyer

Extremely healing

Amazing, much more gentle and effective than Vintners Daughter which I previously used religiously. I’m converted. I have also never used something that was able to improve my skin texture so dramatically in such a short period of time. Extremely healing.

★★★★★ December 10, 2017
Alexa S. from New York ✔ Verified Buyer


I’m new to the world of serums and it’s honestly hard to describe why I love this one but it makes my skin look amazing! For the first time ever, I feel like I don’t have to wear any make up <3

★★★★★ Feb 22, 2018
Giselle R. from Houston ✔ Verified Buyer


I absolutely love this product and can’t say enough about it. The serum and the oil feel so light and fresh on my skin. And the scent is amazing. This day and night regimen has literally changed the texture and tone of my combination skin in just a few weeks. Thank you!

★★★★★ November 20, 2017
Erin F from New York ✔ Verified Buyer

Best moisturizing power I've used!

This product is so effective I'm hooked. It's the only moisturizer I've used that actually works. And I love that I can feel good about putting natural ingredients on my face. Love!

★★★★★ October 22, 2017
Lorraine F from New York ✔ Verified Buyer


I am thrilled with The Duo. I am allergic to everything, including products labeled as hypoallergenic or natural. I completely expected this would be another product that caused a reaction. I've been using it for two weeks now. I have not any any allergic reactions and I see a big difference in my skin. I am so happy to have finally found a product I can use. I love the lightweight feel of the oil and the scent.

★★★★★ May 08, 2017
Amy W. from Willoughby ✔ Verified Buyer

Let's keep it going...

I'm on my second order from Tulura and I couldn't be happier. I'm a 44 year old man with the face of a 30 year old. Men, take care of your face. You only have one. Thanks Tulura!

★★★★★ Feb 22, 2018
Jason C. from San Francisco ✔ Verified Buyer

I love the results

I have been using The Duo for a few weeks and I love the results. I feel it works better when my skin is damp before applying both the serum and oil. I spray my face with rose water before patting the serum on and wait a minute before repeating the same step before patting on the oil. I love the smell of the oil. It has a light scent that’s not overbearing at all. I wake up with beautiful, clear skin that glows.

★★★★★ Sep 29, 2017
Shin K. from Leesburg ✔ Verified Buyer


Love this stuff. I'm into healthy eating, herbs, vitamins etc. and this kind of natural skincare was right up my organic, non-gmo, gluten-free loving alley. I was immediately drawn to this brand because of the look and I liked the logo when I noticed it on some design Instagram accounts. I thought it was a "hypothetical" student work design project at first. Honestly, I wanted it just for the bottles and the packaging (which is so brilliant by the way). Then when I found out it was real, I looked into it more and was amazed it was a new company making real skincare with real ingredients and without chemical synthetic junk. I was sold. But it only got better. The reviews don't lie. This stuff is truly the best thing I've ever used. The serum absorbs instantly into your skin like they say and your face is healthy, fresh, hydrated, and my god -- THE SMELL is AMAZING. I look forward to using it for the smell alone. Truly, I feel this is such a simple but powerful formulation and it's minimal but elegant brand imagery is really aligned with what a great product it is. This brand is blowing up. It's fantastic.

★★★★★ May 21, 2017
Jonathan P. from Austin ✔ Verified Buyer

Amazing facial

I loved everything about tulura! My face felt so fresh after leaving and Eileen gave me the best advice regarding what products to use. I ended up purchasing the seram and oil, which I can not talk more highly about. I skin feels fresh and has been glowing since leaving tulura! Honestly I loved everything about the facial and products. I can not talk highly enough about it.

★★★★★ July 14, 2017
Michelle K. from New York ✔ Verified Buyer

Beautiful Face

Im loving the products. They are easy to apply, leaving my face moisturized and soft.

★★★★★ May 08, 2017
Judith E. from Winnabow ✔ Verified Buyer

Softer than it's ever been

My boyfriend recently bought me the 'Duo' as a gift, I have been using Obagi for a while and always liked it so I wasn't really looking for a change, but now I'm in love! My skin is normally dry with a little oil in my T-zone, especially with certain moisturizers, but with the Duo my face is softer than it's ever been (I even notice when I touch the side of my nose, my nose!!) and not oily at all. Try it, you'll love it. Thank you Tulura...keep it coming!!!

★★★★★ April 12, 2017
Jennifer S. from San Francisco ✔ Verified Buyer

Best facial in NYC

Hands down the best facial in NYC. Ive always had problem skin that is sensitive so the thought of seeing a facialist makes me a little anxious but from the moment I stepped in the door Eileen made me feel at home, she is so kind and amazing at what she does. She is so knowledgeable and paid a great amount of attention and detail to my skin. It's been a week since my facial and first use of the duo and my skin has never looked better, my skin is glowing, more even toned, and my hyper pigmentation is significantly diminished. Plus great price points for such amazing quality! Highly recommend!

★★★★★ May 04, 2017
Riley K. from New York ✔ Verified Buyer

Men, protect your face.

I'm a 44 year old active male involved in surfing, snowboarding, CrossFit and MMA/Jiu Jitsu. Needless to say the outdoor elements combined with the weekly strikes and kicks to the face leave my face dry, dirty and cracked. I've never been one to be protective of my face but after using "The Duo" I can visibly see a difference. No more dry face and it smells nice too from all the herbs and essential oils. I'm looking forward to what Tulura has in store for next season!

★★★★ July 17, 2017
Jason C. from San Francisco ✔ Verified Buyer

Pleasantly Surprised!

My experience with Duo has been very good! I was skeptical at first when my mother told me she had seen this "amazing" beauty product on "The Real" which makes your skin "glow". I thought, yeah, right. I've heard those claims before...and the fact that it was $140 really made me skeptical. I ordered it for my mother anyway. When it came just days later, I decided to try it. I put it on that night before I went to bed, then in the morning put it on again...that's when I was really impressed. My skin looked dewy and healthy. I'm 48 and never really had problems with my skin, except it being sensitive, but this really enhanced my skin and didn't irritate my skin at all! I love it! And, I love the way my blush goes on over the serum and smooth. I liked the product so much, I kept it for myself and ordered another for my mother. My mother now has her own Duo and loves it, too.

★★★★ May 14, 2017
Gayle F. from New York ✔ Verified Buyer


LOVE love love this product. My skin is showing amazing changes to its tone texture after only using the product for a couple of weeks. I was seeing some small amounts of aging it's lifting that away and starting to glow. Thank you Eileen!

★★★★★ May 10, 2017
Whitney H. from Lexington ✔ Verified Buyer

Five stars

Excellent product. Order was filled correctly, shipped, and arrived on schedule.

★★★★★ May 02, 2017
Michael F. from Kailua ✔ Verified Buyer


I absolutely love these products! Leaves my skin so smooth and radiant. I highly recommend.

★★★★★ Apr 30, 2017
Alejandra L. from Cedar Park ✔ Verified Buyer

Dewey look and a fresh face

I LOVE how these products make my skin feel and I love how it gives me a dewey look and a fresh face! Love love love the smell of the serum. Everything is natural which is a bonus and the packaging is amazing! I highly recommend these products to any age group male or female!

★★★★★ April 12, 2017
Jeeun K. from San Francisco ✔ Verified Buyer

Excellent product

This is my first time using Tulura products and they're absolutely wonderful, even down to the packaging. After just a few short days, I noticed my skin was softer and smoother than its been in years. I highly recommend this project!

★★★★★ Feb 22, 2018
Tracy G. from New York ✔ Verified Buyer

New exciting brand

I have been using the products for a couple of weeks now and they feel amazing on the skin, and produce instant and lasting visible results! They are all organic, which is very important to me. I highly recommend them: long life to this new exciting brand!

★★★★★ March 23, 2017
Gregory B. from New York ✔ Verified Buyer