Return. Refill. Rejoice.

Return. Refill. Rejoice.

Sustainability, one bottle at a time.

At Tulura, we believe it’s senseless that so much single-use bottles end up in landfills. We also believe using environmentally friendly materials is not enough.

Together, we can do better.

Return your bottle and get a $10 gift card. If the bottle is in good shape, we sanitize and reuse it in our next production. If it isn’t reusable, we send it to our recycling partners.

How to return a bottle:

  1. Generate your prepaid return label using our online service.
  2. Safely send the bottle back and receive your $10 gift card.
  3. We sanitize and reuse the bottle in our next production.
  4. Enjoy your new discount.

To make the return experience easier, we updated our program on August 15, 2018 from a discount to a $10 gift card that you can combine with other promotions.



If you prefer to drop the bottles off at our studio in New York, please contact us to arrange an appointment.


“Once you are done with your product, chances are the bottle still has more to give.”

— Eileen, Founder Tulura



Frequently asked questions.

What happens to the bottles after I send them in?

If the bottle is in good shape, we clean and reuse it in our next production. If the bottle isn’t reusable, we send it to our recycling partners. To make sure the bottles are secure and reusable, we recommend to wrap them with your local newspaper.

Is the Refill Program available for any bottle?

Right now this program is available for the full-size bottles, the 1 OZ Serum, the 1 OZ Oil, and the 4 OZ Cleanser. We use recyclable materials for all our packaging, so please make sure to recycle them.

Can I send multiple bottles?

Yes, you can send multiple full-sizes at a time — it's even more sustainable, a lot less costly for us.

Do you have a drop-off location?

Sure! If you prefer to drop the bottles off at our studio in Tribeca, New York, please contact us to arrange an appointment.


This is our first step toward more sustainability and we want to learn from you, so please contact us with questions, ideas and feedback.

We believe in protecting and preserving the nature that inspires our products and ingredients. We hope you’ll join us and our community in this new effort to Return, Refill, and Rejoice.