Interview with Goop: 5 tips to detox skin, boost glow, and clear blemishes from a top New York facialist

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Eileen Feighny della Faille is one of those women with skin so good, it’s actually distracting. (When she opened the door to her airy Tribeca loft-atelier Tulura, where she performs her famously skin-clearing Korean-style facials, we were so distracted by her glow that it took us a minute before we could even take in the fabulousness of her easy white jumpsuit and gigantic, dreamily sunlit sofa. A session with Feighny della Faille is a two-hour detoxifying, grounding, pampering, skin-rehabbing sequence of extractions, aromatherapy, radiofrequency, ice therapy, customized herbal masks, LED light, kick-ass face massage, and more. “I’m obsessed with skin, probably partly because I’m half Korean,” she says. “Koreans love skin care, but I’m not about a daily twelve-step routine.”

Feighny della Faille is about beautiful, effective, fast-acting, clean formulas, which is why she created her skin-care line, Tulura New York, after struggling with adult acne at the pinnacle of her modeling career. “I had always had clear skin, but then it went haywire—a reaction to all the commercial makeup I was wearing on shoots,” she says. “It got so bad that I started losing gigs. So I got really into figuring out how to fix my skin, then started making my own products and giving facials to the models, photographers, and creative directors I’d worked with.” Word of Feighny della Faille’s magic hands and instant results spread fast, and she became something of an industry secret weapon.

A session with her is pure heaven (not to mention the best-ever holiday present for someone you really like), but if you can’t get in to see her, these are her best tips for getting—and maintaining—clear, healthy, glowy skin at home. “Face massage is so important,” she says. “Massage your products in at every step in your routine, for lymphatic drainage, stimulating skin, and giving that energized, healthy glow.”



Revealing Botanical Oil Cleanser

Oil cleansers dissolve the sebum, sweat, and dead skin that clog your pores without disrupting the skin’s barrier. The one I make has salicylic acid—a beta hydroxy acid that’s incredible for treating blemishes—and washes cleanly off. I’ve used it in an airport bathroom with a wet paper towel to take off all my makeup. It’s an incredible spot treatment, and massaging it in can help break up congestion.”



Serums go deep, hydrating and stimulating skin. Think of your skin as a dry sponge, then think of drenching the sponge in serum and how it stays wet, versus drenching it with a lotion or cream that might not penetrate as easily. Serums are excellent for prepping skin before smoothing in face oil to seal all the moisture in.”



Face Oil

“I love face oil! It’s so much better for hydrating skin than conventional creams full of binders that feel as if they’re working but really are just sitting on top of skin. Two of my favorite oils that are in my Tulura formulas are tamanu for soothing and hydrating and helichrysum, which is amazingly restorative.”



“I do chemical peels as part of my facials, and they can really make a difference in refining pores. Glycolic acid is amazing for fine lines and wrinkles, as well as for boosting your skin’s hydration, and salicylic acid is great for breakouts.”



“Clay is powerfully detoxifying on its own. I’ll also mix it into oil cleanser—bentonite clay for someone with blemishes, rhassoul for all skin types, white kaolin for sensitive—then smooth it on skin and leave it for twenty minutes.”