Eileen interviewed by Positive Prescription

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WHAT WAS YOUR INSPIRATION FOR STARTING TULURA? Years of battling my own skin issues and utter frustration with the ingredients in the skin care products out there. Although it started selfishly, now it’s all about our customer. Providing the absolute best for each client, no compromises.
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Healing advice for a facial gone wrong

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Keep the skin properly moisturized

Use our TULURA Duo to keep the skin supple while its on the mend. The last thing you want to do is dry the skin out- this prevents skin recovery. The Tulura Vitamin Peptide Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid, 5 dynamic peptides, ferulic Acid, lactic Acid, and vitamin C which are all hand picked to provide a surge of hydration into the epidermis. After applying, lock in the moisture with the Tulura Botanical Facial Oil. With calming ingredients like helichrysum, schisandra, and tamanu (all of which are known to contain powerful wound healing components), your skin will thank you.

Spritz with a hydrosol throughout the day

This Plant Therapy Helichrysum Hydrosol is perfect to hydrate- especially after a peel. No need to touch the face with dirty fingers, just spritz when you’re feeling any tightness. Helichrysum is anti-inflammatory and known for being a potent cicatrisant. Great for traveling!

Silicone scar sheets

This box will last you a year. Cut them to smaller sizes and wear while sleeping. Apply to red spots post extraction. The silicone scar sheet is a thick, occlusive material which seals in moisture and also provides a protective barrier against the elements while the skin restores itself. This is a popular product used in many hospitals after surgery and on burns to prevent scarring!


Stay away from anything inflammatory. Stick to super healthy whole foods fresh fruits and vegetables, including powerfully anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, turmeric, a high quality olive oil and fatty fish like salmon or mackerel. Stay away from dehydrating alcohol. And please- NO SMOKING :)

Check your schedule

Do not book a facial around your period. The skin is extra sensitive and vulnerable to flare ups. Ideally, schedule your facial 2 weeks prior to maximize your benefits.


Sleep a full 8 hours! Your body heals and replenishes itself while sleeping. Give it the time to do its job.

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Uncover your perfections

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A Tulura facial is much more than 120 minutes of tranquility. It has many benefits for the health of your skin, in the short and long term.

Getting a regular facial is important to:

  • Understand your skin
  • Unclog your pores
  • Rehydrate your skin
  • Help slow down premature aging
  • Release facial tension
  • Maintain healthy skin

At Tulura we believe in a discussion, understanding your lifestyle where each treatment is customized for your individual skin type taking into consideration your specific needs.

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Schisandra: The queen of all medicinal herbs

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There is a lot going on in the products we use everyday and naturally, our clients often ask very interesting questions about our ingredients.

Just a few days ago Laura was asking me about Schisandra, the ultimate superberry we use in our incredible Botanical Facial Oil and I wanted to talk to you about it.

I grew up in Korea drinking this delicious berry tea. In Korea, it’s popular as a health drink as it’s known to work as an adaptogen — to help the body adapt to stress and normalize bodily processes. In Korea, it’s called OMIJA, OH means “five”, MI means “flavor,” and JA means “son”.

The five elements

The five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal

The five flavors (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent) correspond to the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. This berry has so many health benefits internally and externally. In terms of skincare, it is known to be a powerful antioxidant, balancing for the skin, stabilizing for the lipid membrane (#acidmantle) and reduces facial redness by decreasing cellular sensitivity to environmental and bodily stressors.

The fact that it has been in continuous use and praise for at least 5,000 years in Asian cultures demonstrates that the reputation of Schisandra is well-founded, and we are extremely happy to use it in our Botanical Facial Oil.

To see the full ingredients list, visit our Botanical Facial Oil page.

Nothing to hide.

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